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We at Align, believe in intuitive, no-judgement policy that enables us to handle and approach individuals and organizations distinctively, catering to their specific requirements.

Our clients lead the way as we are open and believe in the aspect that every person has all the resources within, and might just need us to curate their way with right coaching and training solutions.

The collective experience of our team of associate curators help us bring to the table, a solution centric approach. We also focus on how to have a sustainable outlook, rather than telling you what to do for a solution.

Padmaja Penmetsa - Transformation Curator

A certified NLP Trainer, Mind Dynamics Coach, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Pranic Healer makes Padmaja Penmetsa, a multi-hyphenate personality qualified in MBA HR, MBA Strategic HR, and M. Sc. Psychology. She believes that “success is not about outscoring others, but pushing our limits and advancing towards our goals”.

After having worked with people from different walks of life such as Executive Leaders, Strategic Management, Corporate Professionals, and Educationists, across age groups of parents, teens, and children in the capacity of human potential management, Padmaja founded Align Joy to create a bigger impact.

Kusuma Kanumuri - Life Curator

Kusuma Kanumuri is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Inner Child Healing Coach. She is trained in helping people to live the best version of their lives, by bridging the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be. Her holistic approach brings clarity, direction, and positivity into the lives of her clients. Her coaching is a game changer, if you are feeling lost, confused, or conflicted in life. She addresses your disconnect with people and your within. If you are lacking motivation or understanding of your true purpose, Kusuma is the person you’d want to talk to.

Having completed her studies in India, Kusuma moved to the US where she worked and also certified herself in Coaching and Training.

Ushashree Sanku - Thought Curator

Operating at the intersection of learning, change, creativity and innovation, Ushashree Sanku brings clarity and decisive navigation to help organisations respond to change and integrate innovation through Lateral Thinking.

Usha’s interest in training and mentoring helped her handle different aspects of conducting audits and quality control while guiding different local and global teams for audit preparedness, along with creating standard operating procedures has been her core. Her work includes spearheading structured thinking and ideation to weave it into the fabric of the organization. She has been successful in effortlessly steering the teams to come up with ground breaking ideas that have the potential to flip the problem to a solution.

Anil Shamaraju - Financial Curator

A techie-turned-consultant, Anil Shamaraju, comes with 15 years of global experience in Financial Markets and Technology. He did his masters in Microelectronics from the University of Liverpool. After working as a consultant for various Hedge funds, he served as a Partner and Head of Quantitative Research and Development at a London-based startup.

His passion for the financial industry brought Anil back to India to start Newton Financial Services. It is known for its unique products, with complete transparency and honesty, such as Finnect, which is a one-stop-shop platform for Investments, Insurance, and Loans. Currently, he manages the excess capital of corporates across the country and had advised over 1000 crore.