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An Extraordinary Life Starts with
Finding Your True Joy

To be a strategic partner in helping an individual or an organization ALIGN themselves for a joyful conscious living.

To facilitate experiential learning through our workshops and coaching sessions, for those who want to balance and be more self aware in their work and life.




Align Joy

We all make our ‘Choices’ at every step in our life. Sometimes it is on our own, sometimes it is due to an influence from others or situations. If we can make these choices Consciously, we will be able to live a life that is free. Free from opinions, inhibitions and assumptions. This Freedom gives us a chance to create a life that we would want for ourselves.

Often, we overlook the importance of conscious living and get sucked into the situations and people around us. We can surely change the world with our choices, thoughts and actions. The answer to any problem is looking within to find a conscious balance between our head and heart, our mind and emotions.

15+ Years
1K+ Happy


Strategy and Organizational Development

For Better Development

This is a time when human kind is moving towards conscious living. With the pandemic changing the course of how we look at things and people around, everyone is mostly living for an experience and to create value and make a mark in whatever they do.

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Training Workshops

For Every Professional Problem

An organization or a team goes ahead only when it can take all the members along in the way ahead. A group’s success is the combination of the collective intentions, efforts, experience and learning.

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Personal Coaching

For Personal Problem

Having realized the need to walk the extra mile to bring in a change within, can sometimes be too overwhelming. Our team will handhold you when you are ready for a transformational journey of your self, either personally or professionally.

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Clients Testimonials

We have been associated with Padmaja from 2014. She has always been great initiator n multifunctional. She has compassion and strong hold on the subject and immense knowledge on multidimensional areas . She has been conducting workshops for our parent community and staff in which her verbal and articulate mannerisms are very highly appreciated and the way she connects every aspect to real life situations for better understanding is commendable. She is a person who cares about an organisation and it’s growth . Her interpersonal skill set is her strength .She has played a vital role in motivating and inspiring our employees to work with their abilities and integrity.

One of the things that impresses me about key4healing(Kusuma) is she is very friendly and we can feel like she is one of our family members so it will be so easy to share our issues and get some good advice and she believes that people are capable of real change. Too often people assume a person cannot change much - that they must be victims of their Perception. This is simply not the case! With some hope and some acceptance for themselves, anyone can make their lives so much better. Thank you!

A very independent, mature, strong, multi-tasking, very expressive, optimistic dynamic young lady! That is Padmaja Penmetsa as a person.

She is an outstanding teacher, engages the students/audience well, has great insights into what works well in handling emotions. She has the charisma to grab your attention, and even the kids and have the right drive and enthusiasm while they learn from her. That is Padmaja Penmetsa as a teacher/ Life Curator

Someone who’s presence feels like a warm hug, makes you feel strong, with whom you can be yourself without being judged. She is trustworthy, who you can rely upon for help/ emotional support even at 3 am and most importantly she is very caring. That is Padmaja Penmetsa as a friend

Your session was so knowledgeable, spiritual,with practical example to understand how the loop works and chakra works.The feminine and masculine part was unbelievably is good to understand.Its one of the simplest and great session i ever had would like to have more sessions in future thank you so much for your teaching.

A Simple one hour session shall give you a closure to many Unanswered questions that bother you.Healing is like talking to your own soul.After every session with you it's always a freshman feel for me!Thank you.

Thank you very much Kusuma for the healing session. It was so nice to hear your advice and you say it very sincerely. It felt like I was surrounded by a warm set of angelic wings through the guidance. I wish for others to take part in your sessions as well to understand more about self love and inner child healing. I will ensure I follow what you said, especially for the next 21 days. I have learnt some valuable lessons and I'm very grateful for that thank you. I'd definitely recommend others to join your sessions. Especially if it comes from a place of pure sincerity to help others to ascend into a happier state.

D Sharmila Reddy,

Director, DSR Educational Society

Kalyan nelaturi


Dr. Lakshmi Yalavarthy,

MD Cardiac Anesthesiologist, Cleveland Clinic



Kirthana Sunil



South Africa

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